This Site is a “Teaching Site” intended to help people grow closer to God.

The teachings are based on Biblical Scripture and sound theological understandings, as related to practical life experiences.
This site is interdenominational (all denominations are welcome).

It is designed for those who want to grow spiritually but are not able to avail themselves to existing offerings, i.e., conflicts in scheduling—church/work schedules; and those who want to receive teaching above what is offered in their church, but cannot afford the time or the money to attend a Bible college.

This site is a supplement to and not a substitute for church attendance and fellowship with other Christian believers.


Inspiration for this site:

This site was inspired by God to reach those mentioned above, through a special vision I received. I call it “The Vision of The Tall White Feathered Creature”. After experiencing this vision and the revelation of its meaning, I readily accepted the call to do this work.