SPIRITUAL FOOD: We Need Jesus to Guide Us


“We Need Jesus to Guide Us”

The further I travel along this spiritual journey, the more I realize how much I need Jesus (via the Holy Spirit) to walk with me.

There is a Traditional Negro Spiritual titled “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me.” In the first verse, the writer (unknown) expressed the desire for Jesus to walk with him/her all along this pilgrim journey. In the next two verses, the writer said he wanted Jesus to walk with him, and I paraphrase: “In my trials when my heart is almost breaking; When I’m in trouble — my head is bowed in sorrow.”  Some folks from the church of old added their own verses. One of my favorites is: “Be my guide, Lord be my guide. All along this tedious journey, I want Jesus to be my guide.”

This song reminds me that we are at war within ourselves –human spirit versus the Holy Spirit (Romans 7:21-23). Our daily experiences keep us in contact with our human emotions, therefore causing us to be tempted to react according to the dictates of our human spirit — most likely reacting in a sinful way (Romans 7:18-19). But, if we listen, the Holy Spirit is there and will keep us on the right track. We can never get beyond this warfare (Romans 7:24-25), but we can get to the point where we accept this reality and seek more readily the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Not only do I want Jesus to walk with me, I need Jesus to walk with me.


Carl A. Evans, Author of  “A Closer Walk”

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  1. Charles Woods

    Amen. I knew this was a good word. Everything I tried to read it something would interrupt me. Glad to see you elaborating a little more. Enjoyed this article. Keep up the good word.

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